7 Reasons to Apply a Vinyl Wrap to Your Boat, yacht, ferries.

Summer time is almost here, which means sunshine, barbecues, and trips out to the lake with family and friends, with your boat, ferries, yacht or jetski in tow. For those of you who already own a boat, yacht or jet ski, you understand the amount of work and maintenance that goes into them, especially when it comes to prepping them for the winter season and then again for the summer. When getting them out of storage for the season, you have to clean them and check for any necessary repairs before taking them out onto the water. So what steps can you take to ensure your boat, yacht or jet ski stays looking shiny and new? Get it wrapped! And no, we’re not talking about wrapping paper that you put on those birthday and Christmas presents. We’re talking vinyl wraps or colour change. But why should you do it?

1.One-Of-A-Kind DesignsIf you’re tired of the cookie-cutter look most boats and jet skis offer, we may just have the solution for you! Vinyl wraps let YOU choose how you want your water vehicle to look with one-of-a-kind designs. If you want to stand out from everyone else out on the lake, you can! Whether it be for personal or commercial use, you can completely transform the look of your jet ski or boat into whatever you want or need. One of the greatest advantages of a vinyl wrap is the ability to change up the design of your watercraft anytime you want!

2. Protect the Original PaintIf you’ve owned your boat or jet ski for a while, you’ve probably noticed fading and/or chipping of the manufacturer’s paint. While the paint should be designed to last several years, every water vehicle will experience fading at some point. Now, as opposed to paying for a new high-priced paint job, many are choosing to wrap their water vehicles in vinyl, which not only prevents future water and sun damage, but also protects from scratches and other miscellaneous wear and tear.

3. More Cost-Effective than a Custom Paint JobIf you’ve ever repainted your boat or jet ski before, you probably already realize that the cost of custom paint jobs can add up quickly. But, by choosing to go with a vinyl wrap instead, you could save anywhere from half to one-third of the cost of a paint job. Plus, you can change out your style or design whenever you want something different!

4. Greater Colour and Design OptionsUnlike with manufacturer paint, vinyl wraps give you the flexibility to choose from countless colour and finish options, far surpassing standard paint colour availability. Need to change out your design? No problem! If you’re using your water vehicle for temporary advertising or sponsorships, vinyl wraps are going to be your best friend! Wraps can be removed and replaced within days, getting you back out on the water in no time at all!

5. Easy to Clean and MaintainYou may be surprised to hear how easy it is to clean and maintain vinyl wraps. All it takes to clean your wrapped boat or jet ski is hand washing with a gentle cleaner, such as dish soap, and water. But, please don’t use harsh solvents or pressure washers, as they may pull up the edges of the vinyl and break down the adhesive.

6.Easy to Repair and Replace Let’s face it, accidents happen. While vinyl wraps are durable, they are not indestructible. So, if your wrap does happen to become damaged, it can be easily and quickly replaced. On the other hand, when paint becomes damaged, typically the entire vessel has to be repainted, which both costs more and takes longer to repair – but not with vinyl! When vinyl becomes damaged, only the affected panel needs to be replaced.

7.Give New Life to Your Watercraft NameThere are many to-do items that boat and jet ski owners have on their lists: from re-upholstering, to inspecting and replacing pumps, filters, batteries, switches and so much more. With all of these maintenance requirements, new paint shouldn’t have to be one of them. As many boat and jet ski owners do, names are often bestowed to and painted on their watercraft. Over time, that name can wear away to the point of being barely legible. By using vinyl decals instead, you can quickly and easily update, or even completely re-name, your boat or jet ski whenever you need.Now is the perfect time to consider a wrap for your boat or jet ski in order to get them ready for the upcoming summer season! A vinyl wrap will also help to preserve the original condition of your water vehicle, which will save you even more money in the long run.In order to achieve the best results, we recommend hiring a professional to install the wrap for you. Boats and jet skis come in many different shapes and sizes, which means there’s not a one-size-fits-all template that’s sure to work with what you own. Professional installers will meticulously measure the watercraft to ensure a seamless fit, and can even help you come up with your own unique design!The wraps are made up of highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in vinyl wrap installation and repair 27yrs in this industries.

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