Common Questions on Boat Wraps?

What Is a Vinyl Boat Wrap?

It’s like a big, high-quality vinyl that can change the colour and finish of anything which it’s applied to. Vinyl is durable, it won’t fade or peel from sun or water damage, and it’s long-lasting. It protects your boat’s paint job from those hazards, too.You can choose to wrap the entire boat, which will give it a like-new appearance and also protect the underlying paint job from fading and sun damage, or wrap part of it, the hull up to the waterline, say. You can even add decals and customizable graphics, essentially turning your boat into a floating billboard for your business.

What Are the Advantages of Vinyl Wrap?

Why should you choose vinyl wrap over painting or gel coating if your boat needs a facelift?

Affordability: Vinyl is less expensive than a new paint job. See below for details on pricing.

Customizable: If you’re going with graphics, you can unleash your inner designer. Advertise your business, or get creative and artistic. Tired of the colour? It’s fast and easy to change it up.

Durability: If it’s professionally installed you can get about five-seven years of life from your vinyl.

Ease of repair: Vinyl is not as expensive or difficult to repair as gel coat. If you find a rip or tear, it’s an easy fix to apply new vinyl to the spot. Simply cut the damaged area off and apply a patch of vinyl with a heat gun.

Facelift: Vinyl will give your boat a sleek, clean, new look.

Protection: Vinyl protects your boat from sun damage and fading, and doesn’t fade itself. It’ll keep that “like new” look.Time off the water: It depends on the size of your boat and whether you want to wrap the whole thing or just part of it, but a wrap job usually takes less than a few days to complete.

Easy to clean: No special cleaners are necessary — soap and water do the job — and there’s no buffing involved. Just be careful if you’re using a pressure washer; the stream can get under the vinyl and lift it off.

What are the factors in cost ?

1. The Size of the Boat The biggest factor in determining how much you’ll pay to vinyl wrap your boat is the size of the boat itself, especially the topsides. The larger the boat, the more expensive it is to wrap. We give price estimates based on feet, not square footage based on type of boat. We measure from bow to stern.

2. The Type of Boat It’s not just size that matters. Is it a fishing boat/bass boat, a pontoon, a speed boat, a cabin cruiser? The type of the boat matters because of the contours and complexity of the wrapping job and the amount of wrap it takes. Think in terms of wrapping a gift. If it’s in a rectangular box, it’s relatively easy and straightforward to wrap. Vinyl comes in specific lengths 18metre, 30 meter and 50 metre and widths 1520mm / 1220mm so if your boat is bigger than the standard sizes you’ll incur more cost.

3. Full Wrap vs. Partial Wrap Are you wrapping the entire boat or just a part of it? The size of the wrap help determines the cost. If you’re wrapping half your boat, expect to pay roughly half the cost of a full wrap. A partial wrap covers part of your hull, but not the whole thing, and is designed to flow with the contours of your boat. Again, cost depends on the type of boat and sizes of the wrap.

4. Graphics vs. Single ColourMany boats choose to wrap their boats in a single-colour vinyl film, simulating a paint job or gel coat to make their boats, yachts, ferries exterior look like new. But some choose to include graphics, designs, company logos, and other identifiers, to turn their boat into a floating billboard of either their business. A single-colour wrap will generally be less expensive than one with a design and over laminated.

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