Is Trade My Boat really free?

Yes! It really is free to sign up and post your adverts for free! Just click on submit ad in the top right corner of your screen enter the details and post your ad for free!

Do you take a % of sale/how do you make any money?

No not at all, we do not take any money off a user unless they promote their ad.

We made this site as we were fed up with looking for boats for sale on the existing sites, so we created one that is free to use, where we hope all boats in the UK will be listed for sale.

We only make any money if a user decides to promote their adverts, we may never make any, but that is not the point in this site.

How do I post an ad?

1. Register for Free!

2. Click 'Submit Ad' in the top right of the page.

3. Enter the details of the item you are advertising, please input as many details as possible, and a good description with good clear photographs, this will increase the chances of a buyer being interested.

4. Click save! That's it, you now have a free ad on Trade My Boat!

5. You can now promote your ad for more exposure.

What about ad promotion?

Yea are able to do the following to your Ads: –

1. Bump

Bumps your ad to the top of the 'latest ads.'

2. Highlight

Make your Ad stand out with Highlighting it, makes it more visible, different from the rest, and attracts more attention.

3. Top Ad

Displays your ad twice! Once at the 'top of the list' when browsing all ads or a specific category your ad is posted in, and the other in it's rightful place according to expiration date.

This option also makes your ad appear on our home page 'featured' tab, and also adds a 'featured' banned to your top ad! 

This is the best option to ensure your ad is noticed! 

4. Urgent Ad

In a rush to sell? Let the buyers know that, label it as Urgent, this also allows buyers to filter Urgent ads only.

5. Home Map Ad

Have your advert icon on the home page map.

This option also gives your listing a 'featured' banner, to attract even more attention.

This option, teamed with the Top Ad option would give your advert maximum exposure.

How do I promote an ad?

You must post a free ad first, then go to your profile section and click the 'megaphone' icon on the ad you wish to promote, this will then show the promotions available to apply to your ad.

How long do ads last for?

Ad's last for 60 days before they expire.

How do I contact the seller?

Easy, either click on the envelope to message the seller or click on 'Reveal' on the phone number on the right hand side of your screen when viewing the advert you wish to contact a seller about.

How do I report an ad?

If you see a suspicious advert or if you believe it to be against our rules please report it to us. This is done on the page for the advert you wish to report.

The advert will remain 'live' until one of the admin team have reviewed the report.

How do I compare ads?

Click on the 'Compare' button on the ads you wish to compare, a separate screen will pop up with the ads you wish to compare next to each other.

How many photos can I add?

You can add up to 40 photos! All for free!

What is the maximum size of photo?

Photos must be below 10mb in size.

How many videos can I add?

You can add up to 2 videos! All for free!

How do you process my data?

We process your data in line with our Privacy Policy, found here:

A detail for my boat is not available on the drop down list?

Please firstly ensure you have selected a category, this then shows the range of 'options' e.g. manufacturer, length, engine specs etc, for you to choose from.

If a specific 'detail' of your boat/item, to be advertised, is not on one of the preset drop down/tick box lists please click 'value not found' and enter the detail. The next time you or anyone needs that option it will then be in the drop down selection list.

How do I change the location of my listing?

When you are submitting a new ad, by default, the location is set to the address you have in your profile section. Should you need to change this, when posting a new free ad, you can untick the 'use address set in profile' box and then enter a new location/address of where the item is located.

For ease, why not change the address in your profile section to save time when posting?

How do I change the phone number on my ad?

This is exactly the same as with the location settings as above.

When you are submitting a new ad, by default, the contact phone number is set to the number you have in your profile section. Should you need to change this, when posting a new free ad, you can untick the 'use contact set in profile' box and then enter a new number which potential buyers will use to get in touch.

How do I set my 'feature image'?

To select which photo you want to be your main/feature photo, just ensure the blue tick is selected on the photo you want when uploading the photos/creating your advert.

How do I re-order my ad images?

To re-order your uploaded images, just drag each image, when creating your ad, to the position you would like them to appear on your advert.