Over the past week we've had a lot of views on our site, and a few new posts from new users, we've also had a fair few queries about how we make any money when you sell your boat.

The reason for this post is to explain why we are doing this.

The reason.

I was recently looking to purchase a speedboat, and I found the experience, to be honest, awful.

There are some main sites where most users post their boats, but not 1 site like the famous Autotrader.

Most of our competitors sites are, well, expensive, and some perform very poorly on mobile platforms.

You have to visit about 7 or 8 different sites to capture about 60% of the boats for sale industry, which is time consuming and extremely frustrating when you find the boat you want only to contact the seller to find it was sold over 8 years ago!

After several months of becoming more and more frustrated, wasting time contacting adverts which were scams, I thought, enough is enough!

I did my research and learnt how to build a website, with the view to launch a website which was easy to use, cost effective and would, hopefully, one day, be home to all boating and floating goods for sale in the UK.

How do we make any money?

A lot of new visitors have asked how we make any money?

To be completely honest, we may never even make a penny! Making money from this is not the focus nor reason we started Trade My Boat. We saw a problem and worked hard to get a solution, our bit is nearly done really, now we just need users to see that we are completely free if they so wish and start posting their adverts with us.

The ONLY way we will ever make any money from this site is if users decide they want some more exposure for their advert, they then can promote their ads with the 5 promo's available (see here – https://trademyboat.co.uk/promotions/), that is it, we will not put ads on the site to make money, we will not take a percentage of anything sold on this site and we will not charge users for posting standard adverts, it really is completely free for users to buy, sell or trade their boating, floating goods and services.

We really hope this provides some clarity and transparency, and we really hope you will start enjoying our new site.

All the best,

Trade My Boat